Free Live Online Prenatal Classes

We are pleased to partner with Tummy Talks to deliver a series of prenatal classes – at no cost – to support expectant parents and their support persons.

These prenatal classes have been developed with the goal of providing accurate, current and unbiased information that will provide parents and families with an opportunity to learn and prepare for birth and care of their newborn.

All classes will be facilitated by registered nurses experienced in maternal and newborn care.

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Classes Available

Labor and Birth

(2 classes, 2 hours each)

  • Preparing and planning for your birth
  • When to go to the hospital
  • Where to go in the hospital
  • What you will experience at the hospital
  • Introducing your care team
  • Reviewing the stages of labor
  • Preparing for recovery in hospital
  • Considering cord blood banking


(2 classes, 2 hours each)

  • Preparing for your post-partum recovery in hospital
  • Overview of infant feeding options
  • Special considerations that may impact your baby’s stay in hospital
  • Milestones in your newborn’s hospital stay
  • Preparing for a birthing parent’s recovery after discharge
  • Caring for your baby after discharge
  • Resources that you can access after you leave the hospital

If you have any questions related to our prenatal classes, please contact Tummy Talks by email at  [email protected].