Ha Na Price, PA-C

Hana Price is a dedicated and compassionate Physician Assistant (PA-C) specializing in women’s health at WHASN Tenaya. Her patient-centered approach to care is built on the pillars of patient education and fostering an environment for true shared decision-making. Hana’s commitment to her practice, combined with her unwavering dedication to her patients, sets her apart as a valued member of the healthcare community.


A Calling in Women’s Health

Hana always knew that her calling lay in the primary care of female patients, and this passion was solidified during her time in PA school. Her personal experience during her first pregnancy, encompassing the transformative journey of pregnancy, delivery, and recovery, left her feeling empowered. Motivated by her own experience, she chose to specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology, driven by the desire to empower and support other women on their healthcare journeys.


A Global Perspective

Born in South Korea, Hana’s early life took her to various international destinations, including New Zealand and the Philippines. Two decades ago, she made the United States her home, settling in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her educational journey led her to UNLV for her undergraduate studies and Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, California, where she spent four enriching years honing her skills and knowledge in women’s health. She considers Walnut Creek, CA her second hometown and Monterey her happy place.


Community Engagement

Hana’s dedication to serving her community is a testament to her compassionate nature. In college, she served as the president of a student association that coordinated numerous community service events. Her passion extends to supporting the homeless population through her work with soup kitchens and mobile hypertension clinics, where she focuses on patient education regarding prevention, lifestyle modifications, and health-seeking behaviors.


Multilingual Abilities

Hana is conversationally fluent in Korean, fulfilling her aspiration to be proficient in multiple languages. Her next goal is to learn Spanish, drawn to its beauty and the cultural similarities she finds with her Korean heritage.


Family-Centric Values

Above all, family is at the core of Hana’s life. She deeply values spending quality time with her husband and two young boys, aged 4 and 2. Anything she does with her family is her favorite hobby, and she treasures the work-life harmony that her profession as a PA allows her to achieve. Hana feels fortunate to be patient-focused and present while at work, then fully family-focused and present when at home.


Hana Price, PA-C, is not only a dedicated Women’s Health Specialist but also a committed advocate for women’s health and empowerment. Her multicultural background, passion for community service, and devotion to her family make her a valued asset to both her patients and her community.


Care Center: WHASN Tenaya

Phone Number: (702) 255-2022